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Hostname without IP address


06-08-2009 04:29:36


I'm trying to using ONA for my network but I'd like to insert several hostname without IP address (DHCP client) and with notes.
This because I'd like to know that in a specific subnet there a hostname with a specific name and notes.
So, is there a way to bypass the request of the IP address, or is there another way to do this?



06-08-2009 11:15:56

ONA is specifically designed for tracking IPs and names. At this time there is no way to track only a name without an IP. I would however expect that you do have a hostname and an IP for these devices. If it is a static DHCP lease then you can certainly add it to ONA. If the IP is within a defined DHCP pool range however you would be unable to track that in ONA today.

I am working on getting a DHCPLEASEQUERY component set up such that when you navigate to a subnet in ONA it will display information about the DHCP leases. This will be a much better improvement but will only be a lookup so you will not have notes associated with it.

There are other tools I have not fully released yet that do nmap scans and other audit related things that could be made to show this information as well. Again, no notes however.

I'm working on a new plugin framework so maybe things could be extended that way. I dont expect this functionality to be part of the core ONA system however.

Hope that answers your questions.