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What is a VLAN Campus?


22-07-2009 08:23:30

Does this has something to do with Cisco hardware?



22-07-2009 08:54:27

Thats a very good question.

First off, I'll admit that most of my VLAN related experience has been within cisco networks so that has probably influenced how this works. A vlan campus is simply a group of vlans. It is very possible to have locations that have multiple VLAN #2s. Thus you need to differentiate one from another. Also within ONA you need a way to differentiate between vlans as well at a database level.

In the Cisco world a vlan campus is basically a VTP domain. I would assume that other non Cisco systems support something similar for grouping vlans, even if they are not doing the whole sharing of vlan configuration between devices that VTP does. At one point I've even used ONA and vlan campuses to generate VMPS configurations.

Hope that helps explain what it is.