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26-06-2009 07:34:34

I'm just getting started with ONA. Tried adding my subnet,

Subnet Type: LAN

I'm getting the following error:

Error => This subnet is the first in the class A
range. You must first create at least the following DNS

This error still occurs even after I add the DNS domain

As I understand it, 192.168 is divided into class C networks.

Am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated...




26-06-2009 07:57:33

The goal of this message is to prompt the user to create a DNS PTR zone that will cover the address space that was just added. The suggestion is that you need to add a pointer zone that is AT LEAST a class A level PTR zone. That is the simplest way to cover the newly added subnet space as well as potentially others in the same class C. Also it is not required to have class C or B level PTR zones that match each subnet. It is usually easiest to just have the one zone.

if you added the class C level PTR zone of then you have completed the task for that subnet. However since your next subnet (say does not have a PTR zone that would cover it, it will prompt with the same message. For simplicity, I'd add just then that one domain will cover any subnet you add in the 198.x.x.x address space.

This whole dialog and process is one of the less intuitive things in ONA. The next release will change this proceedure just a bit. It will no longer ask during the creation of a subnet, it will ask if and when a DNS PTR record is created that does not have a domain to land in. This way those that dont care so much about DNS can avoid even creating it.

Hope that helps.


26-06-2009 08:09:19

Thanks. That worked fine. I've got a slightly complex, though small network. I'm looking forward to ONA simplifying my life...