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Error: the XML response that was returned invalid


19-06-2012 09:59:41

Hi, matt!
It is me again! Pls help me!
The error was not appeared in the beginning of the system installed, It was appeared we have used about 2 weeks after. I don`t know whether i triggerd something, Here is the error:
When i use IE9 add a new host, the fllowing error will appear, But i try to open that link in firefox, after i click the link, nothing happened.
I confirmed the PHP-mbstring has installed, when i use the Maxthon and enable the "Maxthon Smart Acceleration", everything is OK.
I want to fix this, please help me ,Thank you![/img:34uqhhnb]


20-06-2012 09:24:39

I fix this by the fllowing
Change Line 102 in
From: function xajaxResponse($sEncoding=XAJAX_DEFAULT_CHAR_ENCODING, $bOutputEntities=false)
To: function xajaxResponse($sEncoding=XAJAX_DEFAULT_CHAR_ENCODING, $bOutputEntities=true)