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Changing domain/subnet appends wrong PTR


22-05-2009 17:24:54

I have multiple sub-delegated domain and I've entered each on into ONA. The master is delegated on a different server outside of ONA.

Example. dns domains delegated in ONA --> (forward) and and (reverses)

and when I change a hosts ip/subnet the PTR record gets appended wrong.

For example...

host "" IP needs changing to I update the IP from the interface field selecting the IP from the different subnet. After updating the PTR is wrong.
PTR was
now its instead of

Is this a known issue? Other then going in and changing the domain_id in mysql.... the only way I see is to delete the record entirely and recreate it with the new IP which regenerates the PTR.



22-05-2009 17:29:02

This is a bug I've not encountered yet. I think there are a few similar bugs floating around. If you dont mind, go open a bug report on this in the ticket system so I dont loose track.

I'll have a look at it and hopefully have a fix soon.. I suspect this will help fix a few of the other issues that have been encountered around some of the domain processing.