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IP request


23-08-2011 06:35:49

Is there a way to "request an IP" ?
Like in IPPlan?


24-08-2011 11:12:59

There is currently not a request option. I had one long ago but it got lost in the dust of change.. It shouldnt be hard to create one again as a simple plugin.

Here are a few ideas I would implement in it:

* it would be a plugin
* guest users could access it
* it would be based on the current add host dialog. So the user would fill out the same form we do now: notes, device type, ip address, dns name etc
* the request would go into a queue that the admin would process
* the queue would open a full edit dialog and allow the admin to change various attributes or simply accept what was given.

Any other ideas/thoughts on the subject?


12-09-2011 04:59:54

+ an e-mail to admin about such request