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using the 'effective' (ebegin) column - possible bug?


02-02-2011 19:11:27

I played around with the "Begin" feature you can use while editing DNS records. While the setting of a concrete date works as expected, the "disable" Button does not. The 'Effective' column is not giving any hint that a particular DNS record ist disabled. (The ebegin timestamp in the database is set to all zero though) Also, if you edit a 'disabled' record again, the disable button is not checked. So doing a save in that condition 'reenables' the record by updating ebegin to the actual timestamp.

Am I missing something here or is this a bug? ONA Version is 10.05.27


02-02-2011 21:12:37

When digging into the situation you described, I found a few other incorrect behaviors related to ebegin... I think I have them fixed now and have checked in my changes. More testing is in order but I was able to disable a record, future date it and change IPs around and all the values remained as I expected them to be. You are correct that the disable button should remain checked and not reenable the record when you edit it.

It will be in the next release