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Authentication Plugins -- LDAP


26-10-2010 23:03:42

FYI for all. I'm working on an authentication plugin system. I've currently got a (mostly) working LDAP authentication plugin. I just need to clean up the extremely messy code that it is right now but I hope to have it available in the next release. I've been able to do testing against a Novell Edirectory and an Active directory backend. I figure if it works with those it ought to work for most.

The plugin system should allow for many other authentication backends to be developed as well.



16-03-2011 23:20:11

Dear Mat,

Does it do SSL and well as plain. So 389 and 636. Also can you select the attribute you want to use for the user name within the LDAP search?

For instance select the CN instead of the uid as the authentication name.

Yours sincerely

David Ruwoldt


17-03-2011 10:54:58

Yes, it does SSL and plain with starttls as well. You can do ldap filters to gather user/group information and map the attributes into the proper fields as needed. Since I dont have much in the way of documentation for it, I would refer you to the following page:

I based my code on the dokuwiki code so it works the same way.

have a look at /opt/ona/www/config/auth_ldap.config.php for a bit more information and some examples. Then as it says, make your changes to /opt/ona/www/local/config/auth_ldap.config.php to set up your environment.


17-03-2011 10:58:42

ohh and I forgot to say that you need to change the "authtype" to "ldap" in the system configuration dialog. This is what tells the system that it should use this ldap configuration.