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Free IPs


24-04-2009 11:14:54

Is there a way to get a list of free IPs (unused). either within a subnet or overall.


24-04-2009 13:20:44

Currently the only provision for this is when you are adding an interface or host. If you hit the little binocular icon next to the IP address field in the edit form, it brings up a tooltip to navigate through subnets and display the available IPs within that subnet.

The goal here obviously was to make selection of IPs easier on those needing to allocate an IP to a host.

Since there is no real reporting engine (yet) there is not an overall IP availability tool. I suppose my problem is that I tend to just write SQL queries for things that are beyond the scope of the current GUI.

Hope that helps.. ideas in this area are more than welcome!


24-04-2009 13:25:52

I had a feeling that was the case. That little GUI while adding hosts is insanely useful!

I'll wrack my brain to see if something sane doesn't jump out