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Forum needs antispam measures


30-11-2009 15:30:41

I've noticed on a number of occasions that spam is getting posted on the forum. Any chance of adjusting some settings to stop it?

Maybe require moderator approval for the first 3 or so posts per user, and name a few moderators to keep things happening...

Edit: I'd be happy to nominate myself as a moderator if need be.


30-11-2009 20:35:30


Thanks for the offer. I've added you as a moderator to the general discussion for now.

I've also added a few custom fields during registration which should help with the bots. Hopefully that will eliminate most of the problem. I need to upgrade to a newer version of phpbb but dont have the time right now to do that. Looks like the latest version has lots of antispam stuff.

we'll see what the custom fields can do and go from there.. thanks again!


17-02-2010 18:47:47

Hehe...I guess that means I should check the forums a bit more often :P